A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Emma and I decided to take a break today from the busyness of the International Rose Festival in downtown Tralee. Sadly, the weather has been less than ideal…but we have tried not to let it dampen our spirits.  The locals shared “this is the craziest August in memory – we’ve never had so much rain and cold temperatures.”

On our way to the seashore, we decided to stop for Sunday supper.  Our B&B owner gave us a great recommendation for a real meal in an authentic setting.  Kate Browne’s Pub in Ardfert did not disappoint – a steak sandwich (real beef) and fries for Emma and fresh cod and vege’s for me!  It was a delicious meal in a relaxed atmosphere with families of all ages enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon.  The most refreshing part was that the people were talking – not texting – and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.  (Imagine that!!) I think we can learn something from this way of life back in the States!  Somehow, we’ve forgotten to slow down and enjoy the precious moments that God gives us everyday.  (The Irish people have reminded me to take in and give thanks for every wonderful moment in Ireland with my girls this week.)

Below, Emma and I walked along Banna Strand beach, on the southeast coast of Ireland. The views were magnificent, despite the overcast skies.

The sight of signs advertising “surf lessons and a wetsuit for only 5 Euro” caused us to laugh out loud!  I’ve learned that the Irish people do not allow the weather to prevent them from outdoor living. We saw children in the park, couples on the shore and mothers pushing strollers in the cold and rain.  All seemed to be perfectly content.

The views back to our B&B were outstanding – although Emma cautioned me not to look since I was driving on a narrow road, at dusk, on the left side of the road!  We did manage to take a few photos after pulling over for a treat – ice cream for Emma and a gluten free macaroon for me!

We plan to join up with our Boston Rose tomorrow.  She has been busy with official appearances and duties. Below, little sister Emma is pictured with Grace’s two handsome escorts at the Rose Parade after-party.  It’s been quite a ride for both sisters.  Good night or Oiche mhaith as they say in Gaelic.  (There are many Gaelic road signs in this area of Ireland and many people speak the language fluently.)


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