The Show Goes on in the Rain

The Irish sure know how to have fun!  Despite the torrential downpours and chilly night air, the International Rose Parade went on as planned.  Downtown Tralee was mobbed with people, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the Roses.  In addition to the crowds on the ground, the Irish had a huge crane, with dangling performers high above the heads of cheering fans.  It was simply incredible!  Emma and I got wet – but were lucky enough to sit in the covered stands when the Roses were announced!  Below right, Grace is responding to the cheers of the crowd as she ascends the main stage.

Grace had the pleasure of riding on the Thomas the Train float, with 5 other Roses.  What a site as they came down Denney Street, accompanied by the sounds of bagpipers and drums.

After a very festive parade, the night ended with a glorious fireworks show.  Pictured below are Grace and her rosebud Jill!  Grace’s new escort for the next few days is Struen, from Scotland – a terrific young man who recently completed his studies at the London School of Economics.

Emma and I had the joy of attending a very crowded Mass this morning at St. John’s in Tralee.  It was a beautiful Gothic church with stone columns and a high ceiling.  We particularly loved the opportunity to light a candle in front of Our Blessed Mother, in prayer for all our friends and family at home!  We are thinking of you and send our love and prayers from the Emerald Isle.

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